The new diet menu for lunch

Wednesday was a thrilling day for me since the day Wednesday before the dinner was the time I check my scales. I'm still going through a healthy diet program. Gratitude God bless you this week I lost a pound. Whereas 17 holiday? August 18 I just ate a little crazy. Indeed, Saturday, Sunday and holiday of my diet. After 3 consecutive days (Saturday? Monday, 16? August 18) days off a diet, I started again with breakfast and lunch menu with no white rice

This afternoon in the office lunch menu is chicken soup. I was confused too, how could enjoy it without the white rice. I take chicory, my stock in the refrigerator. I cut into pieces and I saute with garlic. Enough with the 10-minute chicory substitute white rice with gravy ready to eat chicken soup and poached egg, complete with sauce and lime juice. Feel like? Okay.

Plus of course cabbage chicken soup diet is not my favorite. I prefer a dish of broccoli oyster sauce plus know japanese fried in olive oil. I can not imagine is if the stock in the refrigerator is broccoli and the menu is chicken soup in the office. Green in the green-yellow sauce? can not imagine!

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