Make friends with Vitamin E

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is one of the vitamins that are soluble in fat. Vitamin E is essential to protect the body against free radicals and prevent various diseases such as liver, PMS, reduce fatigue, to slow down the aging process caused by oxidation.

In 1922, Dr. H. M Evans (California) that have found vitamin E is .. Dr. HM Evans did find that there is a substance needed for normal pregnant female rats to survive. If there is no substance in these mice, the fetus is in these mice would die within 10 days. Then, the substance / substance was later called the vitamin E.

Until now, vitamin E proved either to be consumed by women, especially for pregnant women. And has also demonstrated that vitamin E is very good for maintaining fertility, prevent miscarriage, infertility, inflammation of the vagina, and menstrual disorders.

Another function of vitamin E is to prevent sterility and destrofi muscles, strengthens the walls of blood capillaries, and preventing damage to red blood cells caused by the toxin.

In general, vitamin E has a primary function as natural antioxidants to remove free radicals that enter the body. Why is that? because vitamin E contains alpha - tocopherol to be regenerated with the active help of vitamin C, so that it can inhibit the entry of free radicals.

When we are deficient in vitamin E it can happen to your body without strength, decreased sexual activity, increase the risk of cancer and the lack of fat storage in muscle. Babies in the womb may be born prematurely if the deficiency of vitamin E.

So, pay attention to is the intake of vitamin E in our body. Try adequate intake of vitamin E we circuitry attention vegetable and vegetable oils in the diet.

Source - source of vitamin E.

Vitamin E can be obtained from several sources of vitamin E, such as: milk, butter, green vegetables, lettuce, beans, eggs, and fruits. Greasy foods also contain vitamin E. To obtain the benefits of vitamin E is more, the better to fresh foods instead of processed foods.

Nowadays, many manufacturers that sell vitamin E in capsule form of vitamin E to meet the needs of our day - the day.

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